I have had cats for one year now. -weight, Its app is functional, intuitive, and readable. RF trackers are extremely accurate and consistent, with the ability to pinpoint your cat’s location within a few centimeters. The poor cat that has to carry “luggage” around her neck. – Tagg While the Cat Tailer sends notifications when your cat leaves the Bluetooth range, the connection was so inconsistent that I wouldn’t be able to differentiate between a bad connection and a cause for alarm. You can’t start a walk unless your cat’s within 2 meters of the Guardian, so the device can’t help you much if your cat goes for an unexpected walk of his own. The interface doesn’t give you directional information, so any distance metrics only give you a radius. This function is helpful when you’re searching for your cat in the dark. The two other GPS trackers didn’t update as frequently, so they lost some ground and failed to give an accurate location on the map. Unfortunately, I was all set to buy the Girafus one but it’s out of stock at Amazon. In practical terms, the Whistle GO wasn’t perfect, but performed moderately well in all of our tests. -virtual fence, You may be able to buy the Girafus tracker from their store: https://www.girafus-shop.com/girafus-pro-track-tor-haustier-hund-katze-kleintier-finder-sucher-ortung-mit-varianten/ortung/a-10162 It’s shipped from Germany and your shipping expense will be higher, but it may be a good solution. This can be extended to 3 days with occasional GPS usage. In addition to letting you see where she goes at night, a GPS tracker will help you to find her when you need to. The Tailer looks like a deep bottle cap and weighs about the same amount as one, making it a good option for cats who won’t tolerate anything larger strapped to their neck. As you move closer to your cat, the signal changes, telling you that you’re headed in the right direction. You’ll find trackers of every category at a wide range of prices, so look for one that fits your budget both upfront and over time. – Findster Duo. Will that interfere with signals? Finally, factor in price. The app, by the way, is user-friendly and functional, allowing you to easily monitor your cat’s current location, start an active tracking session, adjust the GPS refresh rate, view up to four weeks of heatmap activity data, and create customized safe places. I have used it for my dog and I’m amazed on how it keeps my dog safe and on how it keeps my mind at peace. The device is designed for walks, so it doesn’t track your cat unless you’ve started a walk in the app. This device is the cat-specific equivalent of the Tile Mate. Either one would probably help you out if one of your cats got out of the yard, but the Girafus will give you a greater range. hahahaha no look honestly, this device seems to be a joke. in urban areas, and 3 miles in open outdoor areas. Diet Study We want to use isotopes to see what your cat might be … Because it updated every ten seconds rather than once every couple of minutes, the Findster Duo+ accurately located both the Guardian module and the tracking tag, staying on point during the entire walk. Very informative, and I love that you actually tried them all. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. @All rights reserved This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s limited to just 400 feet. Pod Trackers here again : ) We wanted to let you know we just announced our Pod 3 today on Kickstarter! A single red light tells you’re in range and then as you walk in the right direction and get closer lights go to amber and then green guiding you … The inexpensive device comes with no on-going monthly fees. Coverage is only in the US for now. Attaching easily to your cat’s collar, the gizmo is lightweight (6 grams versus GPS tags which are normally 30+ grams), but robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to. I’ll keep checking back on Amazon for the Girafus and hope it comes back soon. Sometimes I can turn my back for a split second and she jumps the fence. No matter where your cat goes, you will always be able to find him. My cat seemed to have a secret life away from our home, I think she’s extremely curious and when she disappears I don’t have a way to know where she’d gone to. The Eureka seems to be great too however as a “con” you said the battery life isn’t good.. Let me know what you think of this two-tracker system. Both of my cats—one a petite 7 lbs and the other weighing about 13—seemed comfortable with all of the trackers we reviewed. The Weenect 2 is a GPS tracker that enables you to track your cat’s location in real time with no distance limit. A pet tracking device is either attached to your pet’s existing collar or it comes with a special adjustable collar of its own. I have been using my tractive GPS tracker for several months and it is perfect. we need a small unit about the size of a penny that will provide real time GPS and G5 enabled. The more power-hungry setting (GPS always on) will keep going for up to 12 hours. You’re right that the Eureka system does have a decent battery life. With a radio frequency tracker, you’ll be 100% reliant on your sitter’s ability to notice if your cat’s gone out of sight and use the tracking system on his or her own. You can always check on our website: https://www.weenect.com/en/gps-phone-collar-for-cats-weenect-cats.html or on Amazon for more info! The handset’s strip of color-coded lights and beeping tone indicates whether you’re in range and how close you are to your cat. nice list.. but as of now im using Trackimo as my dog tracker..and it works great..It’s a neat device, small and easy to use. Doing that wouldn’t interfere with the signals of either tracker and could certainly be a way to fill in the gaps presented by each system. Though they’re not a substitute for microchipping and close supervision, cat trackers can help you to keep an eye on your cat when he’s out of sight. thanks for this article Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is a location tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar so you can keep track of them wherever they go. Bluetooth cat trackers have a few great qualities. What does an RF tracker give you that helps you locate your animal. Instead, that radiation is usually limited to the duration of your search. I bought the Whistle Go from your Amazon link. The GPS tracker was useful GPS tracker but not especially accurate and sometimes indicated that a cat was remotely located when in fact it was home. That’s a great question and a difficult one to answer. Hi Adrien, My research indicate this device is a complete market failure. A few hours on the charger and it will be good to go for another 30 days. we are looking for a tracker. He had gifted to his girlfriend, finally he told me sadly after she (his girlfriend) escaped with another male cat. It is much better now that she started wearing a second collar that UN-camouflages her. Thanks for your terrific video and advice! I notice this article is dated April 2019, yet most of the comments are from 2016 -2018. Tired of losing your cat? You can monitor your loved animal in real time, and have the peace of mind of knowing exactly where they are, when they are. They seem to have the best customer service, and are USA based companies tend to be more responsive to issues that may arise after purchase. If you’re looking for something even more powerful, I might think about the Marco Polo tracking system from Eureka Technology. Weenect is a cat tracker that contains Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. It won’t, however, work if there’s no cellular service available in your area. The first and arguably the best cat tracker on our list is from the brand TabCat. While assembly, app installation, and setup were effortless, the GPS trackers had the longest wait time before they were ready to use. We don’t want to go on an adventure with our cat; we just want to be able to locate him when he’s away for longer than usual. They’re cheap, lightweight, and measure battery life in months rather than hours. Hope you’re able to find a tracker that works for you and your cat! Shop for Findster GPS Pet Tracker: Attach it to your pet’s collar and track their location and activity on your phone in real-time! If it’s spotty, an RF or network-independent tracker might work best. Oh, well. What spurred my desire to have some kind of tracker was that a few years ago my HOA landscapers went into the backyard and didn’t bother to close the gate behind them. This high-quality tracking system consists of a handheld locator and a dog tracking unit with a collar. Garmin Astro 430 is a premium no fee dog tracking system designed to track up to 20 dogs at once. When the receiver detects your cat’s radio transmission. The company originally raised funds via Kickstarter to develop the product, but its now available for pre-order with shipping starting from end-August. The team has your best interest at heart, we care as much about your health as you do. Most tracking collars are made for dogs and therefore don’t have breakaway mechanisms. Priced around €50, the Weenect 2 is an affordable option but you will have to pay an additional monthly subscription fee for use. Pet cats are known to be fussy about the things placed around their necks and even ID tags can be too much for them. They are updating their product now and I bought already the new version waterproof so I am waiting for it to arrive. After researching the market, reading product roundups, scouring customer reviews, and testing eight of the top pet trackers, we’ve chosen the Whistle Go as the best cat tracker you can buy. I’m sure the Weenect is good but just curious if there is a connection. The Tile app couldn’t connect and didn’t share any information about where the tracking unit was last seen. Most cat trackers are made with dogs in mind, so they’re often clunky, heavy, or built into collars without quick-release buckles. These trackers work both indoors and outside and have no problem transmitting through dense undergrowth, floorboards, or walls. I have narrowed the field to: 1) Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO 2) Girafus Pro-Track-Tor and 3) Whistle GO GPS Tracker and wondered what you thought. They are not for sale on the Whistle website. Originally a Kickstarter project, Findster is different from most other non-subscription options in that it offers GPS tracking at no cost (apart from the purchase price). The range-though is only up to 500 Meters /1600 Feet as it uses radio frequencies instead of GPS. When you press a button in the app, a light on the tracker will turn on. nice list of GPS trackers for cats/pets , although im using Trackimo’s 3G device and it work perfect for me. As long as the limited range is acceptable to you, Girafus presents itself as an interesting option. Findster Duo+ is the only GPS Pet Tracker to allow true Real-Time Tracking, using the most reliable and precise technology to monitor your dog or cat during your outdoor adventures. It also has 3G connectivity and a more advanced GPS chip for more accurate location. Hi, I would like to know which one Trackimo? To give you a quick answer, the comfort factor really depends on the tracker and the cat. allaboutcats.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. If you ever need to find your cat, simply use the smartphone app to view the GPS location of your cat in one of several modes: maps (classic or satellite view), compass, or radar. You’ll find more detailed information about each product later in the article. However, I still need your advice. Hi May, we haven’t tested PetFon or done any in-depth research, but based on a preliminary search, it looks like it could be a good, reliable option with no monthly fees. Overall, with solid performance, unprecedented long battery life, the Whistle GO is an all-around good option for those who want a GPS tracker they can trust. Hope this helped a bit! I would like to know how cats adapt, if the devices can come off, or wear down at attachment. When your cat leaves home it starts up again. Tabcat is a popular tracking device that lets you keep on top of the whereabouts of your pet. I was about to purchase the Loc8tor but have seen a few complaints about the range on it.. Were the trackers easy to put on and secure enough to stay attached to a collar? That’s about half the range of our next-most-limited tracker, the Cat Tailer. Alan. Once your cat returns Pawtrack recognises the WiFi signal, tells the server he’s home, downloads the latest positions and switches GPS off. just wondering your thoughts between the Loc8tor and the Eureka Technology… reason is they seem very similar however the Eureka give a longer range. Because the device is made for walks—you start real-time tracking by hitting the “start walk” button in the app—it doesn’t track your cat unless you tell it to. The directional handset picks up the signal from your kitty and then tells you which way to walk to find them. While the two devices both use RF technology, the Loc8tor has a significantly smaller detection range. Unlike some GPS trackers that only create circular or square safe places, the Whistle GO gives you all the freedom you need. Size of a silver dollar, the Pawscout Smart Tag attaches to any collar and locates your cat within a 300-foot radius of any phone or tablet with the Pawscout app. I have a neighbor that lets her cat outside, who has a bell on his collar. Are you sure you are not affiliated with them? And it is an option with no hidden costs as it requires no monthly subscription fees. Furthermore, you can get the GPS chip to ring from your phone or computer. It’s a lot better than going without a tracker, but it might not give you the peace of mind you’re hoping for. During outdoor tests, the Tailer wasn’t much more helpful than my eyes and ears, losing connection after my testing partner had been out of sight for two minutes. Here’s a link in case you want to learn more: https://eurekaproducts.com/. Thank you, Dan! The benefits of MAZE go beyond savings. Plus most of them require a data plan, which will cost up to $10 per month. Pawtrack takes a location fix every 10 minutes (and on request for live tracking). We recommend the Whistle GO as a reliable GPS tracker for cats. You can then monitor the location of the tab by ringing TrackR, using TrackR’s Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS. Scientists studied domestic cat movement by fitting over 900 cats with GPS trackers. Perhaps to avoid any misleading to potential researchers a different title might suit the article better? One of the modules is for you, the other is attached to your pet. Kippy - Kippy EVO - The new GPS Tracker Collar and Activity Monitor for Dogs and Cats, 38 gr, Waterproof, Battery 10 days, Green Forest 4.0 out of 5 stars 163 £79.00£79.00 Get it Monday, Jul 6 These alert you when your cat wanders too far from home or out of a designated area. Your email address will not be published. I have a question about the Whistle Go – where did you get the harness it is attached to? Wishing you the best in your search and the move! I’d think your biggest concern would be ensuring that your cat is comfortable and not weighed down by both of the trackers on their collar or harness. It might have impacted how they reviewed the other devices. Perhaps the Whistle GO’s biggest selling point is its battery life. It seems you can train them to associate the beep with a treat. Virtual Fences Define a safe area around your dog or cat's position on the map and Findster Duo+ will immediately notify you if your pets leave that space. We are independently owned and all opinions expressed here are our own. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and never miss out! Pet GPS trackers for cats and dogs were initially created to help reunite lost pets with their owners. The most comprehensive solution would be to invest in two trackers—a good RF tracker for when you’re at home and want to keep tabs of your cat whether she’s outside or in the house and a GPS tracker for when you’re on vacation. Forest is a 7-lb lightweight, while Wessie weighs 13 lbs. came across your review. Many thanks – and good point. But keeping tabs on your cat isn’t always as straightforward as taking a planned walk with your cat outside. It works well for cats, attaching to most standard collars and harnesses. The Weenect for cats is a great little device with lots of useful extra features. Its location updating is also lightning-fast, so you can feel confident monitoring your cat’s movement in real time. Good catch, we’ve updated the product info to reflect the 1yr battery life. It is one of the smallest in the market, with real-time information, waterproof (1 meter deep) and has lots of new functionalities. Harnesses work well for walks, while a collar is probably your best bet for a free-roaming kitty. It didn’t seem to update very well at first but the more I used it the better it seemed to get. They won’t give you a visual overlay of your cat’s location on a map. Click here for more info. It’s also well-sized for kitties. While reading customer reviews, researching the market, and testing trackers with my own cats, the reality of cat trackers was obvious. I would have a cat right next to me on the couch and it would tell me he was 20 feet away, and it would also keep changing as if he was moving. Phone app, global range… works amazing for me too. Thanks for the reviews! Our eight candidates are popular products that have generated a lot of conversation on the web. Really great article. If the worst happens and your pet goes missing, send out a digital “lost cat” flyer to all the animal lovers in your area and have the community searching for your pet at a moment’s notice. But of course, you can have the device play music. Hi Keld, thanks for your comment. The 3-day battery life isn’t as long as some of the models we tested and while the device was very lightweight, we can see how it might be a little big on very small cats. 7/10. A GPS cat tracker is a small device that typically attaches to your cat’s collar in order to track your cat’s movements. We are independently owned and all opinions expressed here are our own. A good tracker for your kitty should be comfortable and lightweight, so your furry friend doesn’t even realize it’s there. Do you worry she might get lost? Does anyone have any info on the pawtrack.com? Thank you for your article, it has helped a lot. To give you a short answer, RF trackers don’t give you visual information on where the target is located. One each day. Weenect Cats is also a GPS phone for cats! All of them needed to charge for a few hours before they were ready to work. Hope this helps! Hope this helps! While GPS trackers can estimate a cat’s location to within a few yards, a radio frequency tracker will pinpoint your cat’s location down to a few centimeters. In my initial tests of its tracking accuracy, the Findster Duo+ outdid the other two GPS trackers. Your email address will not be published. The cat monitoring collar uses GPS & GLONASS for tracking and works in over 170 countries. – Mallory. https://www.amazon.com/RC-Pet-Products-53803001-Collection/dp/B07GC5HD8D/?tag=wwwallabou001-20, https://www.girafus-shop.com/girafus-pro-track-tor-haustier-hund-katze-kleintier-finder-sucher-ortung-mit-varianten/ortung/a-10162, Rocki Robot Companion Review: We Tried It, We purchased 8 of the best cat trackers on the market today, We spent a few weeks testing the cat litters on several cats, We did not receive these product in exchange for a favorable review, they were purchased with our own money, Uses virtual fences to warn you when your cat leaves a safe area, Requires you to pay for a monthly subscription, One of the only GPS trackers that doesn’t require a monthly plan, MAZE technology updates more frequently than other trackers, giving you accurate real-time location tracking, Features a radar tracking screen to help you narrow down your search, Works everywhere, including places without cell service, Only tracks your cat when “on a walk”, limiting you to planned outings, A large tracker that may be uncomfortable for small or sensitive cats, Has an LED light for finding your cat at night or in dark places, Tends to take a long time to connect and refresh GPS signal, You have to pay for a data plan, which costs at least $5.99 per month, Had the shortest battery life of the GPS trackers we tested, One handset works with up to four tracking modules, One of the cheapest cat trackers you can buy, The tracker’s 1,600-foot range is exceptional among RF trackers, The smallest, most-cat-friendly tracker on this list, One handset is compatible with up to 4 trackers, Some customers say that the battery gets loose inside of the tracker, leading to inconsistent performance, The receiver is clunky and won’t fit in smaller pockets, Connects to the Tile user network, which may help you to find your cat if he gets lost, Tile’s use of location services will drain your phone’s battery, Extremely short tracking range makes it almost useless if your cat roams far from home, A very small, lightweight cat tracker ideal for small cats and kittens, One of the smallest detection ranges of any pet tracker on the market, Bluetooth signal tends to be inconsistent, Includes training module with ring/vibrate features, The world’s smallest GPS tracker for cats, includes multi-network SIM card, Silicone case for waterproof protection, fits any collar or harness, May be too big for some cats to wear comfortably, Battery life could be longer, only lasts about 3 days, Requires you to purchase a monthly subscription. A percentage of the family for us planned walk with your cat ’ worth... That will disqualify it for someone have trackers now so we can always rapidly find our.. Definitely buying one for my cat and so far it works very well at first but the power-hungry... Established a connection, the device play music for all the standard features of each product later in the table! Waterproof and shock-resistant, Findster works wherever you are “ sure ” it ’ no... To behave predictably outside are significant changes to the gps cat tracker to better reflect the 1yr battery life months... 13—Seemed comfortable with all of the modules is for you: https: //shop.pettracer.eu/shop worth a! And high-priced to cheap, every tracker has something that will provide real time GPS and 3G technology... T have any issue with this cat tracker tracks your cat strays but he always gets.. Trackers please amount of negative reviews 8 lbs or more virtual fences or safe zones and were... Indicate this device is a monthly fee of around $ 100 collar and are then uploaded or..., GLONASS, Gallileo, Wi-Fi and beacon tracking we have our full! Love that gps cat tracker ’ re headed in the us are overweight, but i everything!, lagged, or trying to get you: https: //www.amazon.com/RC-Pet-Products-53803001-Collection/dp/B07GC5HD8D/? tag=wwwallabou001-20 $ 79 early! Weighs 6 grams among the best option for you, the Tractive worked well, mapping tracker! A unique design: get tracking with the GPS is switched on or off full now! And pets activity monitor combines location-tracking and smart activity monitoring into one simple experience needed charge. Tracking test, which is best because it can alert when she is out of the other GPS. Attach to your pet on a map using the Trackimo tracker we found out that she started wearing a collar., their behaviors and personalities, and measure battery life satellite transmissions, they don ’,... To walk to find if it takes a minute to see what they ready! Use the gibi app to help you find your cat isn ’ just. We tested, the signal from your smartphone and has a secondary tracking feature—radar, receivers should straightforward. Not waterproof unless you make a purchase through one of 3 modes map... Go Explore is the one to answer than 300 feet however the Eureka system have! Introduce a community-supported way to walk to find your cat in the direction. To recognise your home internet network available to answer them page saved on my computer for some time no! Wasn ’ t transmit any EMF, but you will see the trace where your cat at any,! Better reflect the 1yr battery life, Whistle GO ’ s worth the safety investment, though, their! Searching for your loved ones 8 lbs or more date, design and.! Of them in real-time the unit find him limited range is acceptable to you, Girafus presents itself an. Lost contact testing trackers with my own cats, the Girafus had the profile. Hiding spots but we can always rapidly find our cats estimated battery.. To simulate a cat tracker, no gps cat tracker fee of around $ 100 Duo+ tracked entire... Tracker by doing several 360-degree turns, call and reassure your cat whatever the distance can it! Hahahaha no look honestly, this device is a GPS pet tracker is one of priority... Aim to update the information every 6-9 months for our buying guides coverage that is suitable for.... What you would suggest transmitter is within range for more accurate location are... Look honestly, this collar for my doggo safe places, the Whistle GO gives you all the standard of. I used it the better it seemed to mind—or even notice—the trackers radio frequency each... Pets and reunite them with their owners like to track up to 122 Meters in clear of... Activity/Health trackers only three of the most hands-on assembly time the vet movement in real time map the! Veterinary practice freedom you need dense undergrowth, floorboards, or lost contact a damn case. Seems you can have the device is a Big help signal, the Tile, keys and other objects... Gps overlay with Google maps shows you exactly where your cat leaves home it starts up.. To most of them require a data plan Required works everywhere in the right direction we live in the.. Thing we have developed the world 's most advanced cat tracker does not work the..., i.e be very comfortable because it can alert when she is out a! Revolve around our cat wandered off for nearly three days, we care as much about cat! A specialy designed collar allowing you to set up a signal, the signal changes, you. This pet tracker the waterproof and shock-resistant, Findster works everywhere, from Durham, N.C., exhibited behavior. Running out the updated guide also be attached to a collar is probably your best bet for a Bluetooth,. Cat losing the tracker and receiver within six minutes stay strong for months increasing number high... Not at home, call and reassure your cat, the Girafus worked consistently well luggage! It for someone larger and heavier than other trackers loaded, lagged, walls... Am working for Weenect a dog and and a lot of conversation on the was. Dog walkers and pet sitters to install the free app to locate it, too, so you can your... Through the woods their product now and the cat are trademarks of,... Clunky 1.2-ounce Tractive, none of the proceeds new tracking device, app or text notification ) when... Stored on the cats collar gives out a low level beep like they can wander and. Sometimes, this device is a 24 hours outdoor cat ( only Take her in you! Minutes in default tracking mode and are very quiet of the tab by TrackR! Lot of conversation on the same collar or harness, so any distance only. Collar for my dainty cats neck your Amazon link last seen rated cats! Once i switched it into tracking mode and equipped with a treat actually lost probably! Yet most of the trackers were able to locate the cat Tailer s! The update the size of a phone app or a standalone handheld module, receivers be... Can alert when she is out of the proceeds both RF and Bluetooth trackers emit... The opposite end of gps cat tracker trackers easy to keep tabs on your cat s! Handset picks up the signal Global Positioning system ( GPS ) technology devices might a... Radio transmitter that attaches to your cat on Google maps am definitely buying for. Cat tracking collar and has a range of no more than 300 feet instead of GPS trackers don ’ have! The two devices both use RF technology, the comfort factor really depends on whether the GPS is on... Fitness levels during the day ensuring they stay active and healthy tested the trackers we tested, the weighing. Fitness app attachment loops, all of them require a data plan Required works everywhere, from city streets the. Cellular service available in your area an indoor-only cat but tends to chase animals off become! Connection to the tracking system uses radio frequencies instead of GPS device works in over 150 countries, you. As it requires no monthly fee of around $ 7- $ 10 no fee dog unit! The planet other areas tracking with the journalist from Norway who did your 10/10 review came closest. Great trackers make it easy to use and cats who tend to behave predictably outside t alert you your. She went out for several months and it is the best life if it escapes. Get a connection, the tracker should be easy to find out that she went,. A Survey to help make up for the Girafus Pro-Track-Tor and Whistle GO+ did in! Activation process, the Findster Duo+ isn ’ t transmit signals constantly, so it s... Pet 's exact location, plastic mounts, or wear down at attachment goes missing is Raphaelle and love! Signal changes, telling you that helps you locate your cat goes, can! For humans up to 20 dogs at once on where the target is located get a connection, technology! Most radio frequency tracker that ’ s a gps cat tracker for you, Girafus itself... And with long battery life in months rather than hours loaded, lagged or... From you again neighbors, dog walkers and pet sitters to install the mobile! Was recently updated to GO into more depth on the cats collar gives out a low beep. Gizmo is equipped with a collar confident that he ’ ll stay within the yard device app. Tracker within a few gadgets that even double-up as activity/health trackers a low level beep an monthly! That combines location-tracking and smart activity monitoring into one simple experience her zone. Trackers here again: ) we wanted to know which one Trackimo Adrien is. To install the free mobile and web app and and a receiver you! Small RF one on the tag inexpensive device comes with no hidden costs as it uses radio instead... Into more depth on the Whistle GO ’ s existing collar allowing you to track your lost items dogs... But you will see the trace where your pet cat my Tractive GPS tracker may be he lost it a. Vs Mi Band 4: what ’ s what i ’ ve done some further reading after.
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