Best Energy Drink Alternatives While you won’t see me with a sugary, caffeinated energy drink in my hand, sometimes this mama needs a natural boost (especially with 6 kids to keep up with! As part of the research published in Frontiers, there were a number of other distressing health concerns that could be listed as the dangers of energy drinks. The flavor I chose was dragonfruit, in hopes of it tasting like a dragonfruit refresher, it did not:(. However, there has been a wealth of research into how these drinks may affect people on a physical level. Key elements of monster drink are caffeine, sugar and carbonated beverage and caffeine is considered to be addictive. Here’s the Perfect Paleo Breakfast Smoothie, 3 Satisfying Homemade Keto Chili Recipes You Need to Know, This Paleo Chicken Casserole is What (Food) Dreams Are Made Of, The Yummiest Keto Breakfast Burrito You’ll Ever Eat, A Nutritious and Absolutely Delicious Paleo Breakfast Sausage Recipe, One Slice Isn’t Enough of This Keto Cheesecake, Creative & Easy-to-Make Avocado Dessert Recipes, 5 Surprisingly Tasty Vegan Gluten Free Desserts, 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 1540, Austin, TX, 78701, © | [email protected] | Return Policy, Ingredients to Include in Homemade Organic Energy Drinks, Add This Energy Boost Supplement to Your Homemade Energy Drink,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Top 6 Ginseng Uses and 6 Amazing Ginseng Health Benefits, Attn Sleepy Heads: Here’s the Answer to “How Long Should I Nap?”, Live Life to the Fullest By Boosting Your Health & Vigor in 6 Steps. This Super Energy Drink is a cheaper and healthier option for that instantaneous rush of energy. You can use any liquid sweetener you like in place of the agave, including maple syrup or simple syrup. When divided into four servings, each one-cup (250-ml) serving of caffeinated energy drink contains 80 mg of caffeine and 1 g of taurine, just like the commercial version. How often do you drink energy drinks? I read on BevNet, a beverage industry website, that there are over 250 different brands of energy drinks on the market, and that it is the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry. Does anyone have a recipe for The World’s Healthiest Energy Drink Recipe – For Sport and More Energy. Blend until the mixture is smooth and all of the frozen berries have broken up. References. If you’re ready to get a mental and physical edge, trying this stuff is the way to go. Chop up the banana into medium-sized chunks. Now that you know how to make a homemade energy drink, you have no reason to reach for branded alternatives. The first official healthy energy drink was created by the Japanese company Taisho Pharmaceuticals in 1960. Before we take a look at some all-natural energy drink recipes, it’s worth considering some of the key ingredients you should use. If you’re following a plant-based diet or are vegan, the above recipe will not suit your dietary needs. Beets are one of many foods that have the ability to help your body use oxygen more efficiently. Both are detrimental for kid’s health. When it comes to how to boost your energy naturally, there are some seriously amazing superfoods that you don’t want to overlook. The fact of the matter is that some of the most common dangers of energy drinks are overlooked by most of us. The following recipe includes tasty banana, yogurt, and even a little sweetness too. If you use fruit juice remember that it already contains Protecting your kidneys from this issue and taking care of your general health is essential to a long and happy life. Do you like piña coladas? Follow our recipes and add extra ingredients that you fancy into the mix. Charlotte is a seasoned content writer, journalist, and fitness enthusiast. The average energy drink contains caffeine levels ranging from 72 – 150 mg per serving. Like coffee, it also contains caffeine. By using our site, you agree to our. Coffee Alcohol Energy Drink l With Caffeine And Energy Drinks. The best alternative is to make a homemade energy drink that is all natural to boost the child’s energy, especially when they play sports. Wash and peel the carrots. Blend together one small beetroot, 1/4 cup strawberries, half an avocado, a handful of spinach, one banana and one cup of almond milk. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. You can safely consume these parts of the fruits and they will give it added vitamins too. That dramatic surge could have worrying health implications. [14] Needless to say, it’s a real superfood. Add the coconut water, pineapple, apple, and lemon juice into the food processor. [10] Experts warn that these rising health concerns could be related to consuming energy drinks. Caffeine is the main ingredient in most energy drinks, and a 24-oz energy drink may contain from 80 mg to 500 mg of caffeine (similar to four or five cups of coffee).

homemade energy drink with caffeine

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