The interior design major prepares students for the profession of interior design by developing the skills necessary: identity, research, and creative problem solving pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment Wyoming, Alabama, and Tennessee have the lowest wages for interior design major graduates. The best states for high paying jobs for interior design major graduates are Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, California, and Alaska. Find a career you love with this simple personality test. Go where the money is…sage advice when it comes to interior design. In order to succeed on your own or with a small business, you must start where the money is. How much money does an interior designer make? The most abundant employment opportunities for interior design majors are in retail companies and technology companies. Entry-level Interior Designers with little to no experience can expect to make anywhere between $29970 to $40080 per year or $14 to $19 per hour. Interior Design Median Base Salary: $44,098 Popular Entry-Level Jobs: Interior Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Drafter 36. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most. Interior designers earn an average yearly salary of $52,747. Below is a gallery setting out each style. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the average interior design salary was $46,280 in May 2010, but the lowest 10% earned less than $26,380, while the top 10% earned more than $84,900. engage in promoting or creating an intended public image for individuals, groups, or organizations. Just like any other job, the salary of an Interior Designer will increase as they become more experienced. //3877 //3877 is a boutique design firm focused on high-end residential, multi-family, restaurant and hospitality projects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that in May 2018, the median salary for interior designers was $53,370, although salaries can range from $29,970 to over $94,130. The salary for an interior design major graduate can range from $37,818 to $64,895 depending on the amount of work experience that the person has. Filter by location to see So we created Salary Rank. Self-employment can be difficult until you have acquired a steady list of clients. Just click into it and you’ll be at that particular style’s main page. Some experienced interior designers specialize in one aspect of design or open their own design firms. The more affluent are more likely to hire an interior designer. Job Outlook The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that interior design will grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2018 but there will be a lot of competition for jobs. Your email address will not be published. Interior Designer Salaries [ About this section ] [ More salary/earnings info ] [ To Top ] plan, design, and furnish interiors of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. play parts in stage, television, radio, video, motion picture productions, or other settings for entertainment, information, or instruction. Interior designers usually need a bachelor’s degree with a focus on interior design. Not only that, San Francisco, CA also has an average entry-level salary of $36,000. Interior Design degrees Interior Design graduates master their creative process and select the most suitable colours, materials, furniture, etc., in order to enhance the comfort and quality of life and create aesthetically pleasing living spaces, making clients feel welcome in their homes. However moving to a higher paying state like DC doesn’t guarantee that you will make more because the expenses at DC might be much higher than where you are currently living at right now. NDSU interior design students are encouraged to enter design competitions and have experienced a very high success rate. You can filter your Find out what it takes to become one. Target and Ocean State Job Lot are the highest paying companies. Interior Designers salary, how much do Interior Designers earn, Interior Designers hourly wage, Interior Designers annual pay, which states pay the highest for Interior Designers, Your email address will not be published. Base salaries for interior design jobs at this level usually range from $50,000 to $90,000—although a senior interior designer at Boston-based … Because there are so many different areas of interior design, salaries can vary wildly. The top 5 states with the highest reported salaries for interior design major graduates are Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, California, and Alaska. Salary: $54,016 Automotive companies pay interior design major graduates an average salary of $64,699, technology companies pay $64,162, and finance companies come in at $63,915. The Facilities NDSU facilities and instructional amenities are among the finest in the Upper-Midwest. The average Interior Designer I salary in the United States is $47,188 as of October 28, 2020, but the range typically falls between $37,410 and $51,740. Interpersonal skills: Strong interpersonal skills are required for effective interaction with clients, builders, and architects, who might have conflicting design ideas. Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Interior Design Group, earning around ₹336,000. Step 6: Start Looking for Clients as a Freelance Designer If you struggle to find employment at an Interior Design agency, start looking for freelance work. Interior design major graduates can expect good job security. Depending on the Interior Design Agency, entry-level positions may include other titles, such as Interior Design Assistant. Formulate design which is practical, aesthetic, and conducive to intended purposes, such as raising productivity, selling merchandise, or improving life style. May write or select material for release to various communications media. set up, or set up and operate audio and video equipment including microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors, recording equipment, connecting wires and cables, sound and mixing boards, and related electronic equipment for concerts, sports events, meetings and conventions, presentations, and news conferences. Washington, DC, Boston, MA, New York, NY, Seattle, WA, Baltimore, MD, and Portland, ME also have great salaries for interior design major graduates. Interior Design Major - Related Careers - Salary Information Note: These numbers are national averages so you could make more or less than these amounts. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. The average salary for a Interior Designer is $60,985 per year in United States. Interior design major graduates in the US make on average $54,925 annually or $26.41 hourly. In addition, companies like J. C. Penney and The Home Depot report highly competitive salaries for interior design major graduates. You are not Wages typically start from $ 30,091 and go up to $ 92,459 . Explore the best colleges with interior design degrees. Anxiety before Test Day: 9 Tips to Prepare for Test Day, Why You Shouldn’t Let Pink Collar Job Stereotypes Influence Your Career Search, What to Expect When Planning to Teach in the UK. Major Overview: An interior design degree can help you turn a keen eye into a professional talent for creating beautiful interiors using furniture, art, … Salaries for Related Job Titles Interior Design Assistant $43K In addition, payscale notes an interior designer may earn between $501-$6,054 in bonuses per year. According to, Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Missouri is the highest paying city for interior designers at $88,730. There is a huge gap between the top 10 percent earners and the bottom 10 percent earners -- about $61,000. One of the most popular questions we get from our readers here is how much do Interior Designers make per year and their hourly wage. Interior Design This sheet has sample occupations, work settings, employers, and career development activities associated with this major. Pay The median annual wage for interior designers was $56,040 in May 2019. Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average. The salary for an interior design major graduate can range from $37,818 to $64,895 depending on the amount of work experience that the person has. An entry-level Interior Designer with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $40,295 based on 295 salaries. The type of industry that an interior design major graduate works in can influence their earning potential. Interior designers need a strong sense of proportion and visual awareness in order to understand how pieces of a design will fit together to create the intended interior environment. The top 10 percent earn over $93,000, while the bottom 10 percent make less than $32,000 annually. The types of companies that pay interior design majors the least are in the retail industry, where the average annual salary is $46,609. Salary estimates are based on 3,978 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Interior Designer employees. In May 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that interior designers made an average annual salary of $59,120. Students who qualify for an Interior design diploma can be exposed to various construction techniques, interior design materials , specifications & quantities and professional practice. Interior Designers plan, design, and furnish interiors of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Fayettevill… Across America, interior design major graduates make on average $54,925 annually or $26.41 hourly. This area also has a respectable entry-level median income of $35,340. Interior Designers plan, design, and furnish interiors of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Working in San Francisco, CA as an interior design major graduate will pay you the highest wages at around $68,886 per year. Another simple way to increase your salary as an Interior Designer is to move to a higher paying state. Degrees in the same industry as Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Interior Design, ranked by salary Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA / BApA), Interior Design Avg. Most interior designers worked in specialized design … Browse Dexigner's curated selection of 120+ interior design companies based in the United States. After comparing how much do Interior Designers make with other careers, they have a salary rank of B. Interpret serious or comic role by speech, gesture, and body movement to entertain or inform audience. The darker areas on the map show where Interior Design Majors earn the highest salaries across all 50 states. Formulate design which is practical, aesthetic, and conducive to intended purposes, such as raising productivity, selling May specialize in a particular field, style, or phase of interior design. According to BLS, the highest paid Interior Designers are in the states of DC, RI, AK, CA and AR. Our data shows that automotive companies, technology companies, and finance companies tend to have the highest salaries for interior design major graduates. While design involves decorating, interior decorators have serious limitations in their ability to advise clients on overall design. Some of these options may require additional training and career planning. We compare the salary of all careers then we give them a rank of A, B, C or D depending on where their average salary sits in comparison to other careers.

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