Catnip and lemon balm are underutilized herbs with many benefits from repelling insects to treating skin irritation. It looks like a weed, grows like a weed – but has tremendous health benefits for those who know how to treat the plant and how to extract the essential phytonutrients that make it so suitable as a natural treatment for a variety of health issues. Therefore, it protects you from all diseases caused by bacteria. Therefore, in this special article of My Health Only, we will tell you about Lemon Balm. The extracts of the herb are hugely useful in the natural remedy of skin irritation and inflammation, wrinkles, blemishes, and age spots. Lemon balm also penetrates the skin, which makes it an especially effective choice for herpes infections[16]. Lemon balm and lemongrass are two different plants that originated in different parts of the world. Therefore, in thyroid condition, take it only by asking the doctor. After knowing the lemon balm benefits, let’s talk about the nutrients present in it. You can also use it as a skin toner. Lemon Balm is a part of the Mint family. Get the DIY from Grow Forage Cook Ferment. Here are some lemon balm benefits in detail: 1. In lemon balm present rosmarinic acid, salvianolic acid, caffeic acid and luteolin glucuronide make it beneficial for the skin. Lemon balm possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, lemon balm tea contains rosmarinik acid which is useful for thyroid disease like health benefits of bamboo leaves Treating stomach problems If you are having a stomach problem such as abdominal pain, bloating, and other symptoms related to the stomach health , try to drink lemon balm tea. Lemon balm is als… Its extract helps to improve the lipid profile and reduce the glycemic index i.e. It also causes itching and mild swelling,... 2- Insomnia and Anxiety. It is used for flavor in burgers and patties. Lemons have the ability to treat almost any type of skin issue. When skin pores clogged, bacteria will settle in and will leads to the formation of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and acne. You can grind the leaves of lemon balm and use it as a face pack. There is some evidence that lemon balm may help fight inflammation. With potent levels of antioxidants, lemon balm has long been known as a way to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. A study has found that consuming lemon balm tea can affect your brain significantly. Its use during breastfeeding is not considered safe. Also reduces oxidative stress. Lemon balm belongs to the Lamiaceae family, to which other popular herbs like mint and basil also belong. Lemon balm lip balm can relieve dryness and irritation. Lemon balm is native to Europe, Central Asia, and Iran, but now used around the world. Lemon Balm is a herb that is often confused as a weed by most conventional gardeners. It forms a thin, protective layer, which makes it a good remedy for the treatment of superficial skin issues, such as chapped lips, diaper rashes, and hemorrhoids. 14 Incredible Benefits of Lemon Balm, You must to know 1- Cold Sore. 3. Now we tell you the benefits of lemon balm. Despite resembling each other, lemon balm and catnip have many different characteristics. Maintains Immune System. On freezing it, 25 percent vitamin-C was found to be low in it. benefit lemon balm tea – The benefits of lemons are numerous, starting from health, diet, beauty, for that reason on. It is an effective expectorant and is antitussive. The scientists divided a group of 28 people, men and women, into two groups. Lemon balm works as an anti-diabetic. Lemon balm prevents pores on our skin clogged with oil and dirt. Nowadays many people are troubled by the problem of increasing weight. Diffuse: Lemon Balm essential oil works in much the same way as the whole herb.Put a few drops of lemon balm essential oil in a diffuser to help calm frazzled and overwhelmed nerves. It acts as an astringent, re-nourishes tired-looking or sagging skin, and is detoxifying. This tea is highly beneficial for respiratory health. Radiation is used in cancer and some other diseases and health problems. Actually, the anxiolytic property acts like a drug that helps to relax your strained and tired nerves. Excess use can, however, induce lemon balm side effects. Vegan and Cruelty free! The cream of lemon balm will be quickly absorbed by the skin and have the advantage of being cooling and soothing while allowing the skin to breathe and sweat naturally. It is a short plant with yellow flowers with a sweet aroma which are therefore used in aromatherapy. Bug repellent. Rubbing these leaves on the hands gives a pungent and light fragrance. According to research conducted in the laboratory, dry extract of lemon balm balances the thyroid hormone. Lemon Balm Extract Benefits Stress & Anxiety Reliever. Because Lemon Balm is an antioxidant and a mild sedative, it has the properties to help the body fight free radicals that cause aging and disease. Then mix it up with some beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils for a spreadable salve that is actually good for your skin. As we have told you in the article above, Lemon balm has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Calming. If your life is governed by anxiety and stress, you can reap the benefits of lemon balm to keep calm. The color of its leaves is yellow or dark green. The scientists divided a group of 28 people, men and women, into two groups. During the use of lemon balm, make sure that you do not consume it in large quantities. If you feel a cold sore coming, it is recommended that you apply lemon oil balm on your lips. Because Lemon Balm is an antioxidant and a mild sedative, it has the properties to help the body fight free radicals that cause aging and disease. Memory and mood disorders can also be taken care of with the help of lemon balm. Some of the main advantages may include — ... For Beautiful Skin. According to a study, participants with laboratory-induced psychological stress were asked to consume 300mg and 600mg extracts of lemon balm. Lemon Balm health benefits 2.1 … You can cure your headache by drying its oil or by using its decoction. Benefits of Lemon Balm: 1. A 2011 open-label study investigated the effects of lemon balm leaf (Melissa officinalis) extract in 20 subjects with mild-to-moderate anxiety and sleep disturbances. Lemon balm oil extract, especially when combined and taken with valerian root extract, can improve the quality of sleep in adults and children. Objective testing showed that skin colour improved in the … Lemon balm possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In the Middles Ages lemon balm was used to soothe tension, to dress wounds, and as a cure for toothache, skin eruptions, mad dog bites, crooked necks, and sickness during pregnancy. It was prized for its calming effects and was even called the “elixir of life” by various famous herbalists. These help to overcome health problems caused by free radicals in your body. It can cause your problems as well as other problems. Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm 1. Other than the traditional skin care benefits, lemon balm also calms an inflamed skin which can the result of various skin diseases and allergy. Reduces Neurodegenerative Diseases. Gastrointestinal problems like acidity, flatulence, indigestion are curable with lemon balm. Its taste and refreshing quality is pleasing to everyone. Lemon balm has hypoglycemic properties. Tell them about lemon balm tea. We have told you in the upper part of the article that lemon balm has anti-stress and anxiolytic properties. Lemon balm can also be used in food. You can rinse with lemon balm to fight bacteria that grow in the mouth. You must have used lemon every day some way or the other. This website uses cookies to maximize your experience and help us improve it. Lemon balm essential oil is a natural astringent. To lessen blackheads using lemon, take a lemon slice and rub it on your face. [Trusted Source 14] Rosamarinic acid, salvinolic acid, caffeic acid and luteolin glucuronide present in it make it beneficial … Benefits of Lemon Balm. The leaves, which have a mild lemon aroma, are used to make medicine. The next step was to study the benefits of lemon balm in people. Benefits of Lemon Balm Cream. Most people are still unaware of the benefits of this lemon balm with medicinal properties. Lemon balm is also known as bee balm and honey balm. Lemon balm tea is a popular way to enjoy the benefits and taste of the herb. One group was given barley tea as a control substance. In fact, lemon balm is an ingredient in Carmelite water, an alcoholic extract beverage formulated in the 14th century that’s still for sale in Germany. The other was given lemon balm tea (made using 3.23g tea bags which they were instructed to brew in 200ml of water for 5 mins). If your life is governed by anxiety and stress, you can reap the benefits of lemon balm to keep calm. Memory and mood disorders can also be taken care of with the help of lemon balm. You can use lemon balm for health benefits by including it in food or as a tea substitute.

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