Fossil and embryological evidence supports the existence of a lineage from early fishes which developed accessory breathing organs as pouches branching off their guts (and breathed by swallowing air), which then were modified over time to become the separate lungs of the early amphibians. Every student and every parent should watch it!" It lists Ray Comfort as having $128,200 compensation, Emeal Zwayne (Comfort's son-in-law) as $129,018, and Daniel Comfort as $109,163. So if anyone is going to examine whether another person has broken the Ten Commandments, the first question should not be "are you a good person? We see patterns in clouds, crystals, and snowflakes, but we already know that they all manifest naturally without a designer. $\endgroup$ – Rodrigo Feb 3 '14 at 21:27 Ray Comfort is a renowned author of over 70 books and a co-host (with actor Kirk Cameron) of the award-winning TV show The Way of the Master. Absolutely not. Under Lamarckian evolution, physical traits were passed from parent to offspring (e.g. The name, "Ray Comfort" may lead people to expect a ray of comfort but they get nothing like that. They don't have empirical evidence for the Fishapod, but they do have a painting. As I sat behind his angled vehicle, I quietly said, “No problem sir. E. O. Wilson. The first veins may not have been veins as we picture them, but as some form of muscle that would assist in blood flow. Quotations by Ray Comfort, New Zealander Clergyman, Born December 5, 1949. Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution: Letters to an Atheist - Ebook written by Ray Comfort. Ray Comfort on The Evolution of Jerks. Comfort's view on salvation changes with the wind at times. Posed with one simple question- "can you give me one example of scientific observation of Darwinian evolution"- the heads of departments, with PHDs in Biology, are totally stumped. It’s OK.” Some Gobies breathe air using the method proposed by Comfort, aeration of the gills, but they are not from the lineage that led to lungs. Homosexuality—a Sign of the End of the Age? In his newest film, Evolution vs. God, Ray Comfort, founder and president of Living Waters, brings to light the way evolutionary ideas are manifestations of a deeper problem. All he has in response to the evidence presented to him (the very hard evidence he constantly demands for) is basically "I don't believe it," an argument from incredulity. Ray Comfort & Pat Robertson on Evolution February 19, 2009 Daniel Florien Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Comfort's response to this question can be seen in his book The School of Biblical Evangelism: Again, this puts God into the realm of special pleading. Interestingly, you can actually move the earth: by jumping. Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspective Ministries. [note 3]. Review: Ray Comfort's -- 'EVOLUTION vs. GOD' By Michael Bresciani. The point is, religious laws do not determine if a person is ethical or good in general, it only determines whether a person is worthy for the reward offered by said religion. Evolution Vs. God . The type of evolution Ray Comfort seems to want to see is that which takes place over millions of years – macro-evolution as it has become known. However, there will be a big change. Do You Know God? It is only 38 minutes long so if you have time you should check it out. BELLFLOWER, CA (ANS) -- A TV co-host and author of a new book called, Intelligent Design Versus Evolution—Letters to an Atheist has challenged Bill Maher to a public debate.. Ray Comfort maintains, “Mr. 2009. However, personal experience is not sufficient both because it cannot be empirically tested, and personal experiences can produce countless feelings that seem real but are, in fact, not. Either of these, or failure to capitalize "God" and "Jesus", will cause an immediate deletion of their comments. Dr. Jason Lisle, ICR Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Very encouraging to see a tactical and practical method to expose the lies which permeate our culture." After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Hitler, murderers, rapists, or anyone else, can be just as wicked as they want their whole life to their last minute, but that's clearly fine with Comfort. Watch as they present their most compelling evidence for Darwinian evolution. Comfort, Ray, "The Way of the Master," p. 3, 5, The School of Biblical Evangelism, Lesson 72: Atheist Questions Part 1, Stealing intellectual property is also theft, see, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think, "Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups. [9], Comfort's Living Waters Ministry is a 501(c)(3) organization and so has public financial records; its most recent public 990 form, from 2014,[note 2] states that LWM had a $3,476,215 revenue and $3,390,970 expenses. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Is that how any evolutionary scientist ever described it? Usually the argument proceeds as a list of questions:[46][47]. We evolved from precursor populations containing both males and females. It's coming this Saturday from 12 to six Eastern time and get this We've got Ken Hamm Ray Comfort, Jason Lyle and eight other speakers for a total of 11 speakers, and each of them are going to do a 15 minute Ted Talk style message so you're gonna get bombarded with all kinds of truth and you're gonna get equip so sign up again this. The Calvary Chapel, founded by Chuck Smith,[note 1] teaches the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and that the Bible is inerrant. However, he's now expanded his fruity teleological article to other fruits such as the orange and coconut[21], which makes you wonder how he's going to explain fruits like deadly nightshade (poisonous to humans but sometimes mistaken for blackberries), the durian (thorny and stinky), that God-designed grapes are fine for humans, but toxic to God-designed dogs, or that God-designed coconuts falling from the tree may cause injury and even death (surely coconuts could be designed to grow from a low and safe bush? Dr. Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grownups is a book, published in 2008, where Ray Comfort asks a series of questions that he hopes will undermine people's acceptance of the theory of evolution.The problems with Comfort's dishonest approach are detailed below, with a side-by-side commentary, critical analysis of this book, and highlights of certain fallacies that keep cropping up throughout the book. Eric Hovind, President Creation Today How hard is that to grasp? So, by your own admission, you are a lying, thieving, adulterous, blasphemer, and when Jesus comes again on judgment day, how do you think he's going to treat you? For example, he is well known for his banana argument, which claims that the banana is so perfect that it must have been intelligently designed in nature, despite the fact that the banana is a product of human artificial selection. The DVD cover photo for Ray Comfort's new Evolution VS. God film. Ray Comfort, New Zealand-born evangelist, takes to the streets to ask random people to provide him with evidence for evolution, along with four evolutionary biologists. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear of the future; humanity will be selfish, materialistic, arrogant, proud. Avid readers may recognize the logical fault in the line of reasoning Comfort uses. GET THE FREE APP NOW. Comfort repeats the old and refuted creationist quote mines, including one of the most constantly misused: Charles Darwin on the eye. If you do, I suggest that you see an optician and see if he can either fix it, or get you another eye. The evolutionary process that Comfort argues against starts with genetics. September 28, 2013 "Modern secular education and propaganda and indoctrination are birds of a feather." [86] However, not just any fossil would do, and Comfort demanded that someone show him a lizard producing a bird, a dog producing a cat or, even stranger, a sheep producing a chicken. Sexual Repression: The Malady That Considers Itself the Remedy: The case history is from a former Christadelphian but can be generalized to other religious people who try to suppress sex. Comfort's presuppositionalism and blind faith in his religion demand that he believe, regardless of proof, whereas scientists are interested in honest discussions and an earnest approach to discovering truth. Ray Comfort does a really good job exposing the rubbish of evolutionary belief that so called experts teach and so many believe just because its taught by self styled experts. Publisher: Living Waters Publications - 2017 Keywords: creation, darwin, evidence, evidence of faith, evolution, faith. Calvary Chapel espouses a premillennial eschatology in which Christ's Second Coming and thousand-year reign as King of the Earth will occur prior to the rapture and t… Comfort appears not to understand the distinction between an all-powerful, universe-spanning being and mere mortals. But don't worry—according to the same blog post, he likes trees. Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? He was a minister at the Calvary Chapel Fellowship, as was his son-in-law, Emeil Zwayne. He was a minister at the Calvary Chapel Fellowship, as was his son-in-law, Emeil Zwayne. The Bible warns that if you are guilty you will end up in Hell. Ray Comfort does a really good job exposing the rubbish of evolutionary belief that so called experts teach and so many believe just because its taught by self styled experts. If you don't manage to stop sinning and to do good works (like helping the poor evangelizing and bringing Comfort's God's message to other people), your conversion may be a false one and you will go to Hell after all: A different group of Christians condemn him for that,[71] but his followers apparently overlook the contradiction. All Comfort is concerned with trying to convince the lay person that special creation is the only answer, and he will sell them any lie he can to convince them. Evolution vs. God. Ray Comfort's DVD shows that it is unscientific, by interviewing evolutionary scientists from UCLA and USC, as well as biology majors. Comfort was born on December 5, 1949, in New Zealand. I don't believe that this crocofish is a missing link. Evolution Vs. God . Directed by Ray Comfort. Again, it is clear that Comfort is completely ignorant of several facts. It seems that Comfort thinks that evolution claims that a dog can exist and live for millions of years. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 23, 2014. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 1, 2014. No matter how much Comfort will deny it, the fact is human beings are apes just as tigers are cats. Today’s Resource : Get the fabulous Carl Werner DVD Living Fossils and his great prequel, Evolution: The Grand Experiment ! Scientists like Dawkins and Eugenie Scott don't waste their time on people like Comfort, a man who has no intention whatsoever of changing his mind or actually acknowledging valid scientific evidence. We also know that evolution of living organisms can develop characteristics that give the illusion of design. Heathen: A liar. It does not comment on anything outside biology, and thus does not make any claims about the origin of the universe, galaxies or the Earth. Comfort manages to churn out about 5 books a year, but they are typically lightweight in both size and intellect, so this is not really much of an achievement.

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