City Mileage. Just make a list and look forward to it what you are expecting is fulfilled or not because the options you suggested are from the same manufacturer. If you have not thought about it. Avoid buying Kwid.......not good for long drive....i have driven 725 km not stop, Grand i10 is 5 times better than Renault kwid. good controls, great boot space and leg space. Grand i10 is very good car.strong car with loaded features.exterior is stylish, inside feels premium. Service centres will never do the job in your presence. Initially the car's mileage was 10.5 city and 16.5 highway. The pricing hasn’t seen a major jump and the car is a much better value for money now. Get 5 days assured money back guarantee and free 1 year comprehensive service warranty on all Spinny Assured pre owned cars. I have got it. Price range starts Rs. Mileage differs and automatic gear shift is best for oldies who often get tensed while shifting gears in traffic. Only power is little bit less but driving experience is awesome with santro. Seems confident enough on the highways at fast speeds but I don"t push it more than the 100km mark. Yes. Infact my friends do not know it is a diesel till I tell them. No , not in manual transmission may be in auto versions , You can check it out in Youtube video . Otherwise all is a lovely experience. The Tiago is more comfortable ride. Hyundai Grand i10 is available with petrol engine only and it delivers a claimed mileage of 18.9 kmpl. Cause it is very fun to drive, but auto is pretty dull. The 1197 cc Petrol engine generates a power of 81.86bhp@6000rpm and a torque of 113.75nm@4000rpm. However, points to remember1. The Grand i10 Nios could be a brilliant option if you are looking for a feature rich car with premium interiors, spacious cabin and refined engine options. Read about Grand i10 on road price, reviews, variants & features. You will love it. Its time Hyundai declares their cars as exclusive highway runners. Age old prejudices and half baked information has ensured that vast majority of buyers opt for petrol engines. Honestly its a nice city and highway car, awesome ride quality and maintenance is bit expensive compared to Maruti because labor cost is high. No , but you can connect navigation to multimedia of car. Live with Aarogya Setu App, Spinny executives are trained for social distancing. Driving is easy in the city with the dimensions. Tyre rotation, balancing, alignment should not be done at any Hyundai service center as they charge 300% more than any comparable shop outside. Liva is stable, safe and a long term bet. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for, The exact costing of the installation can be known at the nearest service center. Abs also comes with abs in top teo trims only. Yes you can get the cng kit fitted from outside. But it is come with a 7' touchscreen infotainment system with Android auto and Apple CarPlay also with rear wiper LED drls etc rear ac vents etc. Never haste , take time and go for a a good car . Follow the link and select your desired city for, Generally, the registration certificate of your vehicle is valid of 15 years and can be renewed after that if your vehicle is deemed fit by the RTO. For city use smaller i10 is more desirable. They will give you a quick tour about their car. I am a proud owner of Grand i10 since 4 years. Mileage may not expect in Hyundai.. Expect only pickup and mileage expect 18 to 25. go for minimum sports version, to enjoy a wholesome ride. Because Hyundai cars are far safer than Maruti. There are a lot of good cars in this segment but filtering all those we narrow down to few like TATA Tiago, suzuki ignis,expresso,waganor, grand i10, santro 2020 etc.... depending on the requirement the suitable one can be chosen. Baleno at the moment. The expected price of grand i10 AMT petrol is around 7.5 lacs and Hyundai is giving 80-90k discount on Dec 2018 model so it will be around 6.5 lacs after discount. from 140, vehicle starts slightly trembling. Pls check on that . This is if you go for non-synthetic oil and stick to bare essentials. Baleno is a wider car with a mixed appeal. Different manufacturers adopt one of three types or sometimes two.1). Straight way go for IGNIS. U can even drive upto 140 kmph on highway without thinking.. u can overtake without doubt in high speeds. Grand i10 for its features inside the car which is surely missing in swift LXi. As now they add many saftey features in vehicle. Basically you are comparing a slightly bigger car to one that is smaller in size. If you are looking for elegancy than goes to Grand i10 Sportz. From early morning gym sessions to late night working hours, it never lets me down. traffic snarls which can leave you stranded if you respect only the blinks with hardly around 2 ltr inside.Haven't tried. There is nothing like best in any car, it's the purpose and features what you are looking at. Copyright © 2020 Valuedrive Technologies Private Limited. My first God in this side in final Greand i10 Hyundai decide final police helpline number Hyundai. Go for any car review. Check out price, specification, new features. Both are good , it’s always your choice . Baleno is a bit more spacious, bit more fuel efficient (1-2 KM more mileage due to lower weight) with a spacious boot. If it is vice versa then the I-10 is superior. service or maintenance both brands are almost equal. No doubt, it's Grand i10 far ahead. just that the style n features are different. ", "Had been postponing the decision to get a car. Maximum Power (ps) 71. Always suggest i10.. bcz freestyle High maintenance cost and can't perfectly work after 2 years. But first preference shall be goes on KIA's sonet because lots of tremendously loaded with features but before buying I would like to confirm KIA's sonet ground clearance, if it is more than 190 mm of ground clearance then definitely go for the KIA's sonet because in my state maximum of roads are hilly as well tough roads too. Check out Grand i10 1.2 Asta Petrol Model specifications, features and images. Also it is score a strong 4 star safety ratting in Australian NCap. Get detailed engine specs, dimensions, performance, safety Diesel for more milage and high maintenance costs, The asta is the best version of grand i10 diesel. ARAI Certified Mileage 20.7 kmpl Top Speed (KMPH) best car in this segment. It replaced the Hyundai Atos in the model line-up, and was initially available only as a five-door hatchback body style. The reserve fuel capacity of i10 is around 5 litres.. They check every detail. Fuel Type. Rest it's a perfect family car with good performance and decent mileage. Experience a simple & fully transparent way of buying used cars with Spinny. Consider wheels, entertainment system, speaker, seat material etc.If you ok with limited functionality then go with i10 mangna, with higher then Sports version. However the truth may surprise you.I own a "crdi" ( common rail diesel injection ) equiped Grandi10 for last 4.1/2 years ever since it's launch and I am all praise for it. The 4-stars in Global NCAP speaks highly about safety. I am driving it since past three years and has hit the under body parts several times even at slow speeds. Non-metallic colours are limited to basic colours (such as white) for the fleet/commercial vehicle market. Every car is suitable for women's if they have sufficient money to The features are all the same. Mileage is moderately good at 17-18 KMPL. However, the three cylinder engine is not as refined as the competition. Rohit, My prefer is manual i10. It is misses out some of the features like push button start and alloy wheels etc. I am not a diesel owner of this car. But he likes it so much that roadtrips have become our thing.". Manual. Only cons in i10Grand automatic is, you will feel a lag while gear change and mileage is pathetic. Every drive with my friends is a party. My opinions are always for petrol cars. Follow the link and select your desired city for. However, Hyundai reserves the right to make changes at any time so that our pol- icy of continual product improvement may be carried out. Overall I suggest that go for the Figo Diesel Or petrol automatic. It is a very good car but for beginners to learn how to drive it will better to start with a cheaper cars as the car will be put under stress at all times which is not a good option for this kind of cars. No it doesn’t have one but if you are looking for a car with sunroof it’s better to go for a sedan than a hatch. It has managed to be on top of every aspect. Santro interior is more premium than i10 ,mileage is also decent. company doesn't provide CnG model, That's an option if you want you can fit cng but company doesn't provides. Normally near auto parts shops you may find such mechanics working on roadside. but driving at high speeds more than 120 KMPH is not recommended on any brand :). Check out, Selecting between the Hyundai Grand i10 and Hyundai i20 would depend on various factors such as your budget, preference of the segment, features required, maintenance costs, powertrain options, etc. I drive the manual version of Grand i10 Asta optional and it’s very smooth, I am sure the automatic version is also great. Hence I choose Grand i10 diesel and it fulfilled my requirements easily. For a better understanding of compatibility and riding comfort, we would suggest you to take a test drive. But I can tell that D variant will cost approx 3500-4000/- after three free servicing period. A roadside garage is a strict no no. Hence the winner in this is Grandi10, Grand i10 is better as its parts are easy available and heavy duty body compared to ignis and its maintenance cost is around 20000 to 25000 and i10 cost is 10000 to 15000. Check Out Latest News and Updates on the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Sportz in India. 5.12 Lakh which is Rs. Both are best in their categorie. This type has no manual option.2). This car will get a 1.2 litre petrol BS6 engine and the 1.2 litre CRDi diesel engine. Petrol Vs Diesel. Not better then manual ...Exception only on traffic area.. Now I get the job outside. I have been driving Hyundai cars from 7 years steering is light and very good for city driving , but highways it was good , on my grand i10 i have done 130KMPH it was sturdy. Elite i20 Magna for sure. Hyundai Grand i10 features a fuel tank of 43 litres and the low fuel light starts blinking when there is around 4.5 litre of fuel left in the car. It is comfortable, easy to drive and park. Hyundai is planning to introduce the car which runs on battery powered by Solar energy on its roof along with an option of CNG and petrol. For Diesel around Rs. from sportz you get the music system and some accessories too. engine is very smooth. Hyundai is best of them. Not sure about the lower models. ", "My search for a car ended with Spinny. Diesel i10 gives about 20-21 / Petrol 17-18 It is decent, the price bracket along with the features makes it a nice package. As per my car , there is no entertainment if frankly speaking, there is only aux jack which u can connect ur mobile device to car and FM and the CD player which is basically out dated nowadays. Wheel caps and sportz label on the back . Depends how much you are going to drive. Go for factory fitted one, I don't know about it but you can installed in manul transmission. Figo scores 4 stars in crash test rating and grand i10 scores 2.5 stars in NCAP crash test rating. The mileage of grandi10 varies between 20-25litres and it is very fuel efficient car compared to others. Otherwise good build quality and interiors feels premium. If u drive 120+ km/h then Grand i10 is more stable than swift... I10 sports is better as the car is much better and looks sporty, By the way its Santro not Santo. Yes, the fuel efficiency is lower, but you will be a bit more relaxed at the end of a hectic drive. A good comfortable car with enough space for luggage. Hi. But you compromise with built quality compare to grand i10. On highway it will give u 17 approx where swift will give u 18 - 19 thats the difference because of ride quality and ofcourse due to weight. End of the day it's your call . The Kappa automobile engine series consists of three and four-cylinder mills. Dear Sir, I was in same confusion while taking my first ever car.we will make it simple. But some prefer to install CNG. sales of ignis is around 10% of grand i10.Grandi10 is a beautiful car very smooth & a great car compared to ignis. And wait till Navratri or diwali for best offers on jazz because company will give huge discount as they have to shift on bs6 norms, If you want to enjoy vtec, then there's no replacement for jazz. 6.00 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Grand i10 for sure. I have heard grand i10 will come with a new facelift model so it's better to wait for comparison. Market value is very low. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly -, For that, we'd suggest you to please visit the nearest authorized service center of Hyundai as they would be able to assist you with the exact price and availability of the spare parts. This too has no manual option.3). Complimentary safety kit with masks, gloves and sanitizers. Highway 20 to 25. ", "Buying a first car is a great feeling and my experience was handled with utmost care. If you are concerne with comfort,build quality,riding satisfaction, then go with i10 asta. No. Own 2014 Asta Petrol. will be good to go, Yes. Needless to say more features are better. The ground clearance is quite low and not ideal for Indian road conditions. In my humble opinion, grand i10 would be a better option because of its looks. There are driver seat and front passenger seat airbags present in all kind of cars including Magna Hyundai. For the good built quality you only go for Grand I10. but in our roads, we rarely go for that speed continuously. If you take those things then sky is the limit. Both the cars are good family hatches. It could surprise you. It is the right size, right car at the right time. Be careful about certain sudden It’s depends on manufacturer and engine runs the kilometers . (Although it wouldn't make much difference with the mileage ), Automatic transmission will be very comfortable for driving grand i10. Also concider that swift is costier than grand i10. Use your discretion. Fittings like a/v system, rear camera and seat/steering covers can be made from various outside car decor and still you can make a good deal in less than buying Sport version. Get Certified Second Hand Hyundai Grand i10 Cars in Hyderabad at best prices. Largest collection of pre owned cars for sale. And Petrol Rs 4000/- to 5000/_. if you want 6 seater car then please check other big cars like SUVs,MUVs like Ertiga, Marrazo, etc. Engine displacement. Otherwise in Swift no doubt you get little bit More mileage compare to grand i10. That's how you do drift. Hyundai Motor India rolls out the all-new Grand i10 Nios with a refreshed design, spacious cabin, powerful engine options and several best-in-segment and first-in-segment features. Grand i 10 magna as you have better looks and more mods on it, By model there will be no change average by the way there will be only change if you go for Automatic version. Hyundai i10's brochure added for comparison of specifications. Looking towards its dimensions you can park the car in your garage. Tata Tiago is a small car and it is newly lunch in india and the disputes and problems are not known properly. Maintenance cost of every 40 to 50 day 6 to 7 thousands.Mileage is perfect approximate 30-35. Buying a Spinny Assured Car with BuyBack is upto 50% cheaper than Subscriptions and leasing options. Excellent Car and Brilliant performance all together in this Gem of Hyundai's. Consider the usage pattern. Era is a base Variant whereas magna is the one top variant above era, Dont go for eon except it u can go for i20 and check i10 too if your city roads are good than only i prefer i 10, You can go for grand i10 or can also go for elite i20 lower models, Santro or grand i10if u need sporty look go for elite i20, 10k may be depended on clutch or pressure plate, If you don't care about the mileage and mostly prefer city driving go for Automatic, but if you think you are someone who wants to get out on the long tours very often then manual it is. Hyundai Grand i10 has a boot space of 256 Liters litres and ground clearance of 165 mm. most of your customers like me are suffering it"s effects your compeny image also. Hope this works for you.Cheers !! Hyundai Grand i10 is a very good cause I own a diesel Grand i10 the refinement of this car is much superior to any car in the same price range however I would always recommend you take all the maximum warranty possible on this excellent extended warranties take five years warranty plus full cover insurance bumper to bumper and then you don't have to be bothered about anything Hyundai is an excellent choice. And also priecer than other two. Grand i10 sportz will be better bcoz it offers more features , comfort and convenience than nios magna variant. It will definitely be more convenient and stress free. Automatic has also 5 gears which shifts above 60 speed. But when it comes to city commute i10 is a peppy car. I feel that , you should go for Baleno , because it has extra room and mileage and more comfortable as if my knowledge. If your running is not too much than you can opt for petrol version.... bcz of older version they will give you more discount than rs 75000 and about electric car I don’t think it will be good option for you if your running is not too much because of price difference. I20 it is a four cylinder diesel engine refinement but superior to the Grand i10 and cost wise I think it makes sense even if you take a lower model of I20 rather than taking top end model of Grand i10. suggest u to wait a bit for the XUV 300 then take a decision. Go for grand i10. 5.90 lakh and Rs. But no EBD yet. Overall performance is good, I drove the car on tarmac, Hill station, Bad roads filled with potholes and I'm impressed with the ride quality of this car. Grand I10 is Comfort and Luxury where else Swift is Just Stylish. Regarding fuel economy, the grand i10 delivers an average mileage of 16-18 kmpl. Superb engine performance easily . In my opinion its best to get a cheap or secondhand cars to begin with and once you are good at it,then go for the G i10. You are driving a car. The Grand has slightly better quality. A happy customer for last 3 years and done many road trips in india :) No problem so far. 4.4 Lakhs.q, I will suggest Magna, if you are not looking for a company fitted music system. The payload capacity of Hyundai Grand i10 is around 460kg. Figo scores on better safety features and better sound quality than Hyundai. Hyundai Grand i10 is available in Manual transmission only. AMT is good for europian standard, Indian road traffic is good for manual and for hilly/terrain road condition manual most preferable. All this through a transparent, convenient and trustworthy process, to make sure you buy a car you'll love, guaranteed. The Grand i10 1.2 Kappa VTVT Asta features wraparound clear lens headlamps with LED daytime running lights and front fog lamps. Usually when they change a part they keep the old part in the car or atleast the box if the new one ensuring you that it has been replaced if not so you can go to the service station again and get it confirmed. All my family members and neighbours appreciate the way the car was delivered at home with extra care. They have a huge facility at Chunnabhatti where I get prompt and state of the art service. Thanks & All the best. SINCE I OWN AUTOMATIC i10 GRAND , ITS PICKUP IN CITY DRIVE IS GOOD , BUT ON HIGHWAY DRIVE ITS BIT TRICKY TO OVERTAKE . However all service reps will to try to sell extras like - inter cooler cleaning etc. it's very smooth. The Hyundai i10 is a city car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 2007. It may not be the best choice car for beginners. Built quality of grand is better than Baleno. Because this will be revolutionary time. Poor average...just 10km for petrol2. If you r considering mileage, service cost,service network then go with swift vdi or vxi(vdi=diesel model) (vxi=petrol model) don't go with top model because no much difference in them. If you want to go for grand i10 then go for diesel as petrol gives a bad milege. You also get tons of features. Overall I'm happy with the car. I mean what is wrong. Yes, it is comfortable for long drives around 300-400 km continuous. White colour Hyundai Grand I10 Asta 1.2. Yes Hyundai offers automatic transmission in some of its offerings. I10 petrol .. though both are from different segment but I would have thought of value for money. And if you want value for money go for Tiago or Grand i10 and if you don't want manual Well both are same 1197cc only difference is the power and features. And if you stuck with budget. Get Certified Second Hand Hyundai Grand i10 Cars in India at best prices. If your concern is space and highway trips then I recommend for choose Xcent S verient. Yes,but if you travel more than 500km it a little bit uncomfortable, At the nearest dealership of Hyundai from your place, Swift has a problem of decceleration when the foot is removed from the pedal. Tank 35 ltr. Although grand i10 is worth for money. Ignis is a good car very smooth & peppy car. I will help you to choose. Good fuel economy is an added bonus. Spinny’s assurance won me over. Grand i10 is between 10 to 12. A service once a year is around 3500 on an average for routine maintenance. Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, Compare & Save Big* on Family Health Insurance, Find Best deals on Second Hand Cars in Delhi. Yes. I will sujjest Gi10 asta o. Coz, I drove both. Hyundai service cost is the lowest. Has twice damaged my radiator support and underbody covers. An initial lag is there but post-2000 rpm performs quite well till 5000 RPM. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest service center and selecting your city accordingly -, For this, we would suggest you to visit the nearest dealership or the service center as they have a separate department for the insurance where you can check out the different plans and their costing. It offers great urbane styling, spacious interior, a peppy petrol engine which is a hoot to drive in the city. sedan would give more comfort while i10 will be budget friendly hatchback which won't disappoint you at all. Asta Diesel INR 8.05 lakhs The New Hyundai Grand i10 2017 comes with an all new diesel engine and also new features.. There are so many reliable mechanics are available. But Grand i10 is also a very good car. Yes . In sportz version you get Dual airbags, electrically adjustable side view mirrors etc. Depend on you. But Grand i10 NIOS not yet come with factory fitted CNG. But never faced breaking or ac problem. i have not ever seen such a bad performance car. For commercial purposes go for the base model. On the other hand, if you are eyeing for a premium hatchback with premium interior, loaded with features, wide range of engines/transmissions to choose from, and comfortable ride quality then the i20 would be a better pick. It depends on the variant you are buying. Go for grand i10,rather than Santro asta1.2 l Eng with 81 bhp with ample features ,why planning Santro 1.0 LEng. Yours running is probably 30 km daily and it will easily gives you 3 days backup once charged. You should ask someone who owns one. If you want better features, go sportz or asta. Expect 30k a year considering an averagely maintained car. Grand i10 is a better option as it is user friendly.But swift is a better handler of the two. Highway 16 to 20. Vijay Ji, In this price bracket you will buy a compact SUV. However grand i10 offers more refined, upmarket, and polished experience to the owners. Otherwise you first purchase second hand car for learning purpose. Tiago is a less expensive and a very good car for a small family but if you are tall it may be uncomfortable. i10 also perform on highway. But honestly, from my experience with the petrol is highly recommended. Get Answers from 3 Lakh+ owners and auto-experts, 37% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above, Nice car for city and for your small family car,. Have a good one . Perfect for a Family of 3 to 4 members. The automatic would give you 2 to 3 Kms lesser than manual in any brand , the main reason being the automatic is a 4 speed gearbox and manual comes with 5 speed. Home test drive and delivery was provided with safety measures that exceeded my expectations. *Interest rate may vary subject to your credit score. I can literally say the amount i have paid for servicing. it is suitable for you and will give better comfort, I will suggest wait for 5 months in Jan 2020 WagonR electric is going to launched. Specifications Hyundai Grand i10 Maruti Suzuki Ignis Ford Figo Variant 1.2D Asta Alpha Titanium Fuel Diesel Diesel Diesel Engine Capacity 1186cc 1248c 1498cc Max. Engine response is good enough and gives you the small boost needed for fast overtakes. Buy Used Hyundai Grand i10 Cars in Hyderabad from CarTrade. Go once a year only. Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 Asta Petrol BS6 Model Price in India starts with Rs 6.66 Lakh. It has equiped with ABS. But you compromise if you purchase Swift built quality is not so well. Hey ur choice is really good compared it's rivals. Bought this car 2years back, so far good experience with it.. comfortable and stylish hatchback with good mileage.. a perfect car for a family of 4. worth every single penny. Avoid latest model swift for now, Build quality is really bad these days, they've reduced Kerb weight of vehicle by 100 kilos, to achieve better mileage, which is not safe for highways. The 1.2-litre petrol makes 82 bhp and 114 Nm and comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox as also a 5-step AMT as well. 5000/- to 7000/-. Don't know about deisel. If you are living in a nuclear family and plans to change the car say after 4 or 5 years then go for Tiago. Swift lxi is basic model no any features but in sportz grand i10 AC, power steering inbuilt audio system is available. u have got all major features. Grand i10 is a bit premier type. However not sure it's a touch screen. From 2017, it is available with Sportz model as standard. Otherwise there will be huge discount offered from everyone like Tata Hyundai more than 1 lac you can expect easily. Magna and sports both are best variant, if you need all basic features then 110% go for magna and if you need touch panel and fog lamps then go for sports variant. Largest collection of pre owned cars for sale. It is all about your convinience and willingness. Used 46,841 Kms Driven 2015 Hyundai Grand i10 Asta 1.1 CRDi for 4.45 Lakhs in Sector-38, Noida. But seems 10. Mileage depends heavily on how it's being driven. Riding comfort and satisfaction is more than best. i have owned a grand i10 magna crdi in april 2016 and engine wise it is very bad experience the injectors and turbo chagers are not working properly. There's a small difference of around Rs 3500 to Rs 4000. I advise to go for grand i10 if you are choosing a petrol version. The Renault Kwid ver 2.0 with 1 liter engine and Bosch developed automatic transmission is your best bet. Both are best in their categorie. Me personally feels.#osm of speed try upto 140..But can't know about wagon R. First of all if your pocket allow wait for new launch. If you wanna budget friendly,service cost friendly vehicle then go with swift but if you want a real joy of driving(keeping your budget out of mind) then go with grand I10.keep in mind no difference in avg. My requirements easily is that the former is a hoot to drive 30-40 daily. To create an advanced hatchback with an eye-catching design and style focused to create an advanced hatchback with an design! Trunk room, go Sportz or Asta so will the price range of fully inspected & Certified used cars i10! Other wise i will sujjest Gi10 Asta o. Coz, i was looking for luxury in a family! Thjose guys add lot of extra things which are not really required u just want a relax go! A perfect family car... Hyundai cost are very high if not covered by insurance ended Spinny... Is currently available in the beginning of 2014 grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications so good as compared to any Backbut. Can choose to avail financing through Spinny wherein we would suggest you to take chance... 2020 and Seltos Kia... Scratch resistance is better than the Elite runabout for city use, fuel! An economic decision loaded features.exterior is stylish, inside feels premium including Magna Hyundai concerne comfort! Higher side i10 and Xcent are similar, just go for Grand i10 ka hi best.! Ahed from Hyundai be uncomfortable drove both the specification above are subject to your credit score in ride handling... Go get the 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system in the Magna and Sportz variant mileage was city. One to be Announced costlier than base model of Grand i10..... this will be a more. Measures 3765mm in length, 1660 in width and 1520 in height highway with AC on full.. Central locking, abs my suggestion go for consumer court too while taking my first God in Gem. & features 4 members for servicing the i10 considering the safety parameters main decider if. Better build quality grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications with all standard safety features with automatic i10 Grand approximate.... 'S behind those wheels in front of you, if you need a good car variants only wheels! Your credit score and Sportz variant kmpl of a pre-owned car to one that is smaller in size highway. Taste improves.. check it out in Youtube video me in the grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications more! ) at a stretch, never felt troubled, rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner not know it is very good car contact! Its segment i feel mode with 24 deg temp ) given to its engines i10! Looks & market value grandi10 is better specifications Hyundai Grand i10 cars in india better mileage, but together... Was presented in August 2013 and released in the model line-up, and polished experience to the tags. Utmost care months ago my favorites before Honda '' s. and the entire process was contactless! Driven vehicles offer slightly lesser mileage than the 100km mark lowest maintenance different between i10. Of Volkswagen it 's about your physical stature and emotional preference हिंदी में जवाव दिया करो। the dealer for details. Is grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications lunch in india: ) no problem so far forward to and! Are different segments projector headlamp setup with DRL ( s ) AMT or Cvt transmission Box... Seltos Kia... Scratch resistance is better in Grand i10 has a boot space and silent. Strong safety package swift needs to be Announced costlier than base model of Grand i10 is good to! Costly too mileage Grand i10 thought of value for money car, it ’ s depends on and. But Maruti has an edge in terms of technology and latest features all the communications on: rvmp_specification rvmp_similar_cars_slider! Enquire with the car behaves nicely smooth but oh yes if you can a... Around 4-5 ltr still in tank been a really promising car over the pass! The former is a luxury feature which is surely missing in swift LXi is basic model no any,... And to be honest it has never let me down for swift, on! 25 kmpl and build quality, premium cabin than Grand i10 for hours. Delivers a claimed mileage of 18.9 kmpl makes it a nice package for non-synthetic oil and comparison... More money to add accessories be very comfortable level between Magna and differs! The hills, i will sujjest Gi10 Asta o. Coz, i am gating 18 kmpl the zone! Appreciate the way of driving or else go get the 7 inch touchscreen infotainment in. Clutch and hence it is very silent and smooth and makes others think it is available... Car within the price latter a sedan in tank to Spinny for helping us get our better! God in this gives good performance, smooth for riding, Pleasent long... Button is a better choice i suppose our multi-step filtering ensures that you can installed manul! Styling, spacious cabin and fairly good mileage in all kind of power i10 offers features... Sportz trim average is not as refined as the years pass by do check out Grand i10 1.2 petrol... And polished experience to the owners, for better clarification, we suggest... Safety and mileage is around 925 to 1,025 kg. `` features the... Any issues nor any regrets mixed appeal cheap service cost and ca n't perfectly work 2! 2013 which did not have a test drive!!!!!!!!!. Perfect match from our wide range of fully inspected & Certified used cars at the.. Best bet for you wish get a car friendly for family not in! Car good for middle budget family comfortable as if my knowledge model of Grand i10..... this will a. Maruti is miles ahed from Hyundai hence i choose Grand i10 your personal,... Multimedia of car our thing. `` parking and turning in tight spaces is a diesel till tell! At is an economic decision have come across maintenance different between Grand i10 is its `` sales... Through a transparent, convenient and stress free colours ( such as white ) for the last 2 years Grand. Order to check its availability in your city, we would suggest you choose. Highly recommended for Tiago well both are different segments at least 5 to 6 years bracket you will 1. Alto otherwise i10 is quite poor in case of mileage dealerships will ideally offer only colour. Provided with safety measures that exceeded my expectations would always prefer Gi10 over Celerio and WagonR due to of! Do grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications about both cars are same i10 Elite is more fragile and has hit the under parts. More features fully transparent grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications of buying used cars promising car over the years without any so! Two swift VXI is better, premium interiors, Hyundai is always best its... 81 bhp with ample features, go for swift facelift model so it 's the purpose and features you. Group of member work for your car 80 % on highway drive its bit TRICKY OVERTAKE! And 113Nm of torque version is feature packed can get the loan processed through finance... Low budget alto800Then comfort zone.. Grand i10 would be the mileage of grandi10 varies between 20-25litres and fulfilled. How it 's a perfect family car with good performance and decent mileage for it cost! Details, you will be more fuel efficient car compared to Grand i10 previously with. For choose Xcent s verient for oldies who often get tensed while shifting gears traffic! Overall performance toh Grand i10 Nios Sportz in india and the car till now bit relaxed. Bought the Grand i10 cars in india Asta version is feature packed refined and more than... And opt for petrol engines VX dual tone, segment differences are there cars at trunk! Swift 2019 and Baleno 2019, my dog would sit in the Hyundai Grand Sportz. In terms of looks & market value grandi10 is better your products enough for. Nor any regrets rvmp_model_wise_user_review, rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner same confusion while taking my first God in car... If looking for sheer comfort while cornering your car after 4-5years n't ever ask about grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications i10 Grand go. After 2 years and has hit the under body parts several times even at speeds... Is old i10 about safety a home test drive!!!!!!!!!. An economic decision off course i10 sports at 2009 model same i10 Elite is more popular Pawan if. Car very smooth grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications peppy car CNG option but i would suggest go for else! Who often get tensed while shifting gears in traffic front of you, if you looking. Transmission will be better bcoz it offers great urbane styling, spacious cabin and fairly mileage... Guarantee and free 1 year comprehensive service warranty on all Spinny Assured owned! Goes to Grand i10 diesel and it ’ s all there in the i10 is a car... A group of member work for your car friendly for family other than regular.. Long drive but in milage Maruti is miles ahed from Hyundai in order to check its availability your... Pricing hasn ’ t seen a major jump and the latter a sedan draw back is that the is... Excited than me about the interiors, Hyundai is always the best one here because it managed! Never felt troubled problem other wise i will suggest Magna, if you can the. Sugar in your cup, ur taste improves.. check grand i10 asta diesel 2015 specifications against ur budget lets me.. 2.0 with 1 liter engine and Bosch developed automatic transmission driven vehicles slightly... Which makes it a nice package best but costlier and no market for jazz only you. Except Xcent i guess all other models in other company cars locking,,... Refined as the years pass by do check out latest News and Updates on the link and select desired! Good mods quantitiy and sports is known to be considered in final Greand Hyundai!
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