This means whether you are using a K20 or K24 engine the head remains in the same location. Hasport 2-day shipped me the proper parts, which I received today, 6 days later. YOU CAN USE YOUR STOCK BOLTS OR HARDWARE OF YOUR CHOISE TO DRESS THESE UP TO YOUR LIKINGS. where'd you find them? Hasport Performance is a leading manufacturer of motor mount, and vehicle accessories.As an industry-leader in performance products, quality and craftsman ship is of the upmost importance. Yeah, let me know. As for the Innovative Mounts, (If your gona do the rear mount go with them, youll thank me afterwards as far as vibrations are concerned) Avid, or Hasport rear mounts being better then oem and tq mounts combined, I do not see how that can be true, engine mounts provide lateral stability while tq mounts prevent twist. Alternatives: If you are using a Civic or RSX tranny there are mount kits available from Innovative, Avid or Hasport. Also designed to work when converting automatic to manual transmission swaps. I'm using Hasport 62a engine mounts, I think these mounts are very solid and doing what they are suppose to do if you don't mind the extra vibration. Innovative Mounts B10150 Billet vs 10150 Steel. Joined Jan 16, 2007 Messages 1,566. All of these mounts are TERRIBLE in an rsx that doesn't have balance shafts like our motor does. I'm going to go with YES, you need all 4 mounts if you are using ALL OEM mounts. I was actually going to go with them but found the Hasports instead. Shakes a lot but hey #becauseracecar. They are designed to work with the Hasport engine position. polishing my innovative mounts. As for the Innovative mounts I have heard great things. I thought, why settle for less when I can get their best mounts. They make hasport mounts for 4th gens? Using aircraft quality aluminum (6061 T6) Hasport mounts come with a lifetime warranty. Hasport performance swap mount kit 2001 05 honda civic k hybrid racing k swap air conditioning line kit 96 00 civic innovative mounts steel mount kit k20 swap prl motorsports type s oil pump swap kit 2016 honda civic. Each mount is constructed of lightweight 6061-T6-billet aluminum and CNC machined in a state-of-art machining facility. Quality, Precision, and Performance are the key factors we strive for at Innovative. All mounts are designed with up to date solid modeling software. Innovative Mounts Part# 90150 Also Available in Billet J-series Polyurethane Engine Mount Kits Compared: Innovative Mounts and XLR8 Mounts The J-series engine mount game has been somewhat heavily contested over the years; Innovative versus XLR8. Our kits are easy to install, fitment is amazing, and vibration transmitted to the chassis is almost non existent with our unique ploy-urethane formula and design. Innovative Mounts Conversion mount kit for 1992-1995 Honda Civic, Del-Sol, and 1994-2001 Acura Integra. It does not include the front mount. Improving Honda Engine Mounts For Better Performance - Hasport Shop Tour - Duration: 15:58. This is a rear motor mount only, in 60A Street (Red) bushing Quality, Precision, and Performance are the key factors we strive for at Innovative. im swapping a d16z6 into my 91crx. 6 Hasport Mount Half Inserts Durometer of your choice (62A BLK, 70A BLK, 88A BLK, 94A RED) 3 Motor mount center pins 1 Innovative Engine side motor mount bracket (CHECK OUT WITHOUT ONE IF YOU ALREADY OWN THIS PART) NO HARDWARE IS INCLUDED IN THIS KIT. you can keep the full size radiator but the slim fan may or may not fit. Hasport mounts come with polyurethane bushings that can be easily replaced. Bolt a K-Series engine into your EK with optimal engine positioning with this Hasport K-Series Mount Kit. May 19, 2010 #4 i also have innovative the dash vibrate like f..k you will get use to it. Other 2002-2005 Honda Civic Engine Mounts: Innovative Mounts Aluminum Mounts B90650-95A-BA. So, Hasport is once again sending me the right parts, and hopefully I’ll receive the … Hasport is supposed to make the most reliable swap mounts but would necessitate bending the crossmember and making a dent by the strut tower. 4pcs Engine Mounts Set Fit for Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0L … Designed to fit all K20 motors. the new tranny is hydro but the chassis is set up for cable. My dash vibrates alot with the Innovative mounts. They are chosen by engine builders, and those looking to make big power with their vehicle! What marketing strategies does Hasport use? Overtime the increased torque output of the V10 engine after modifications can weaken the factory rubber mounts causing excess engine movement under load. Specifically, I'm considering Hasport, Innovative, and Megan Racing mounts. So much so that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our mount kits. Hasport EGK2 Mounts 92-95 Civic / 94-01 Integra-Application: 92-95 Civic EG94-01 IntegraDel Sol using RSX/EP3 transmissionPerformance mount kit for K- ITEM(S) IN CART 0 Hello, Guest! My car is on KWv3 coilovers, so it rides pretty firmly, but I've been noticing an added vibration/shimmy over bumps and rough roads lately. i know i need the conversion but do i get the Innovative Mounts one or the Hasport one. This mount kit is available with different polyurethane inserts. Innovative 60a vs 75a engine mounts - Duration: 8:17. Still keeps the car comfortable. Joined Jun 30, 2009 Messages 819. Related. There are several motor mount options out there when doing an engine swap into a Honda. With my d16z6 and only 3 mounts, the engine moved fore-aft too much. My buddy has innovative 75a mounts in his rsx and holy god it has race car vibrations. I bought a used set of 75as for 180 and went to innovative directly to replace my bushings and they asked which bushings I wanted. Available in four durometers. Hasport Performance motor mounts control engine movement, transferring more power to the wheels. Hasport vs EBAY - K20 Motor Swap Mount Kit. 8:17. We get calls and emails all the time about these two quality brands from people confused about forum hearsay and old, outdated posts. Only, I didn’t actually receive any parts because the USPS mangled the package and it arrived completely empty. So much so that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our mount kits. Calvo Motorsports Gen V Viper engine mounts are a must have replacement when increasing the horsepower in your vehicle. May 19, 2010 #3 Lol who would care - those mounts are feckin mint lol . I asked for the best one (95a). Hasport's EGK2 K-swap mount kit features Hasport's patent pending dual height engine mounts. Here are the symptoms I'm experiencing, for reference. R. RobNL Product Description. Lifetime warranty for the win! The most common is the street (62A) followed by the race (70A) for track cars & off road racing, and extreme race (88A). M. murphy2 New Member. Barryl85 Barry L 85. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Innovative Mounts 96-00 Civic / 97-00 Acura EL Billet Replacement Mount Kit for B/D Series Engines with Automatic or Hydraulic Transmission (B10050-60A) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. To replace an entire kit, order three pairs. I haven't been in a DC5 with hardrace mounts so can't comment on them but they do also have a very good reputation. That being said, I’m still interested in the 82A mount. innovative and hasport mounts do make the bracket just know what compressor you have because they both work with the sanden but only one works with the matsushita compressor i think. Mount Type: ALUMINUM; Mount Color: … I dont think I will recommend their mounts anymore, not until I personally see their mounts in a car and hasport mounts in a car to see if Innovative sits the engine as good/better. Since we were using a Hasport mount kit it was natural to use the Hasport Axles. Im eager to see your set up tho hahahaha Re: Innovative Cross Member VS Innovative Competition Bar. I am designing a replacement bushing for the Hasport mounts that will provide reduced vibration transmission to the chassis. $350.00. the fan is … Comes with rear, driver, and passenger motor mounts. ... Aeromotive - Synchrotech - Quaife - GE - Hawk - Innovative Mounts ... Idk bro to be honest idk which body my driver mint came from the rest where actually prelude mounts vs accord mounts.y don't u just callem and order over the phone.they have amazing customer service!!!! Innovative makes mounts that are supposedly completely bolt on. Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Hasport. I’m curious if they tweaked the design to be stiffer in the “Race” version. My 96 GS-R Turbo Build Thread - 427whp 304tq (11.24 @ 126mph) Hasport axles for K-swap – $299. The 70A was the one I was interested in, but when I went to Hasport’s website, they only have 62A and 82A mounts listed. Bonus: if you want even more reduced engine movement, do a slight polyurethane fill on the front engine mount ONLY. Headers, intakes and turbo kits will fit the same no matter which engine you choose.. Like All Hasport Mount Kits, it's designed using [i] ven 1,091 views. But in our chassis the balance shafts on the oil pump make it very smooth. Hasport Performance mounts are the result of extensive research and engineering.
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